The third video of our professional new film series has just been released!

Shipyard Productions

By Luke Smith

Shipyard Productions is the name of our new film series. We are thrilled to be able to share these high-quality videos with you of our work and life here in Central America.

A new video will be published every two to three weeks, alternating between ''stories'' and the ongoing saga of ''shipbuilding''.

We hope you enjoy our first videos! Be sure to subscribe to see the fourth video, which will be a special-feature short on Iris Overdevest crafting a half-model of Ceiba by hand.  



volume n° 3: forge


volume n° 2: cutting the keel


Volume n° 1: ceiba volunteers



volumen n° 3: Forja


volumen n° 2: cortando la quilla


Volumen n°1: Ceiba Voluntarios

We are very excited to announce the second film: ''Shipbuilding Part One: The Keel of Ceiba''. This video is set to be released in two weeks time. Be sure to subscribe to be the first to see it!

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How are we funded?

100% of our progress is funded by people like you investing in shares. By buying into the company, you become a partial owner of our ship, Ceiba.

Existing Videos


Official Introduction, Aerial Fly-By + More 

Existing SAILCARGO INC. videos which are not included in the ''Shipyard Productions'' series. These include our official introduction, drone footage of the shipyard and a series of clips from our life & work in Costa Rica.