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Scroll down to find our Shareholder Package: our complete portfolio of investor documents is now available by request. Investment opportunities start at $1,000USD and increase by increments of $100USD. Significant benefits begin at $5,000USD.

The total cost is estimated at $3.6 Million USD. To date, 18% of our shares have been allocated. Including intended investments set for 2018, the project has 25% of shares allocated. The funding we receive will grease the wheels & launch us into the next step of our project: Laying the keel of Ceiba.

Please scroll down to see our complete Shareholder Package. To see the documents, please contact us today to request them at or simply complete the form below.

Inversiones Marítimas Ceiba S.A. is a registered Costa Rican company.

Portfolio of Investor Documents + Business Plan Booklet =

Shareholder Package

Business Plan Booklet

Investor Portfolio

Here you will find our portfolio of six Investors documents, as well as our full-colour Business Plan.

If you would like to receive this investor package please contact us today at or simply complete the form below.

We are available to answer any questions via email.

1. Risk Assessment
A regularly updated Risk Analysis Report regarding the inherent risk of investing, & our accomplishments with reducing risks.

2. S.P.A.R.S.
Information on our Sustainable Partners Re-investment System, an option for shareholders to consider re-investing your dividends to support small cargo producers.

3. Incentives & Benefits
Details on rewards for higher investment tiers.

4. Shareholder Membership Application Form
This is the form required to purchase shares!

5. Payment Methods 
Information on how to pay for your share.

6. Shareholders Agreement
The legal arrangement between Ceiba S.A. and our shareholders.

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Frequently Asked Questions

+ What is the minimum amount I can invest?

Our minimum investment level is $1,000 USD (one-thousand dollars)and may increase at increments of $100. Our standard share levels are available in multiples of:

  • $100
  • $1,000
  • $5,000
  • $20,000

Please read ahead to learn more about how we accept other currencies & possible transaction fees.

+ Which currencies do you accecpt?

We accept Costa Rican colones, Canadian dollars & U.S. dollars - however you may transfer the equivalent amount of your own currency from your own bank and do not need to have an account in any of these denominations.

Please contact us for conversion rates & more information on payment methods at

+ How can I transfer the investment to Ceiba S.A.?

We accept several methods of payment to accommodate you. They are detailed in the ''Payment Methods'' section of our Shareholder Package.

Please request this portfolio at

+ What do I need to do to invest?

We simply request for you to complete our single-page application form. After you submit this form to us along with a copy of your identificantion (preferably passport) we will complete it and send it back to you.

For more information on payment methods or if you have additional questions, please request our portfolio of investor documents at

+ Do I need to have a passport?

No. We prefer to have you submit a passport if available, however other forms of identification may be accecpted on a case-by-case basis. Scan or good photo are acceptable.

+ What are the benefits of becomeing a shareholder?

From reduced trainee fares to receiving exclusive announcements, offers and documents (such as our full-colour Annual Progress Report), there are many reasons to become a shareholder. One of the greatest rewards is of course that you will be supporting the build of Ceiba by making a tangible contribuition to the construction.

If you are an someone who would like to have your name carved permanently into a part of the ship please contact us!

We also offer special packages to those considering investments of $5,000 and higher. All of our Benefits & Incentives are described in our portfolio of investor documents - please contact us today to request the complete ''Shareholder Package''.

+ What is an ''A Level'' Share?

Our A Level Shares indicate an investment of $20,000USD or greater. This level is afforded more incentives than other levels. A level shareholders are all automatically granted V.I.P. status, in addition to receiving other significant benefits.

Request our portfolio of investor documents to read in detail.

+ How do I get my money back again?

After Ceiba is sailing and operational you may request to withdraw your investment without penalty. Details are included in our Shareholder Agreement - please contact us to request this in full detail.

+ Are there any other fees?

You will automatically receive an official company share certificate free of charge.

If you would like to receive a copy of the Costa Rican Register from our lawyer a $40 USD fee applies. For investors of $5,000USD and higher, this fee will be wavied.

Your payment method of choice may incur transfer or handling fees, which are your responsibility to pay. Contact us for estimates.

+ Who can become an investor?

Anyone who is eighteen years or older and is investing with the best of intentions may become an investor.

We require you to complete a one-page form with your personal information. For significant investments, a letter of authentication may be requested.

Contact us to request our Shareholder Package! We look forward to hearing from you.
No commitment required.