Shareholder Gift Card $20,000.00

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Shareholder Gift Card $20,000.00

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Give a gift that will inspire someone & help #SeaShippingChange

These special holiday gift cards last a lifetime - it's the gift that keeps on giving. Not only are there many associated benefits of becoming a shareholder, whomever you choose to present this card with will also be able to say that they're a ''ship owner''. 

In addition to the total share value, the person who receives this gift card will also receive personal updates about the progress of their project. We'll send them exclusive technical drawings and 3D renderings of their vessel. 

Depending on the amount you choose to invest for your special someone, they may also receive special gifts as a thank you - such as crew shirts, Costa Rican coffee, stickers, posters and more. You can also let us know if you have something special in mind. 

This gift will also give your chosen one the chance to learn about business, return on investment and the value of money, or alternatively about traditional skills. All of our shareholders are invited to join us at our shipyard, where we're doing traditional wooden ship building, alongside blacksmith work and traditional rigging. 

Email us today to learn more about becoming a shareholder, and how this gift can work for you.

We are happy to follow your direction regarding how to contact your special someone, or simply let you notify them yourself. 

Before purchasing, there are some things to know...

All funds (currency) are shown in USD.

1. This Gift Card is not a share, the person you gift it to must complete a single form which gives us the information we need to enter their name into our Shareholder Registry. The person much also send along a copy of their identification for our records, as required by the Costa Rican Register. This is a Gift Card which you (or, if you prefer, we, will present to your special someone.)
2. This Gift Card is for investing in the company Inversiones Marítima Ceiba S.A., a registered company in Costa Rica. This company directly represents the ship, Ceiba.
3. We will provide all the information required to them in our complete ''Shareholder Package'', which includes a portfolio of 6 documents and our comprehensive Business Plan. If you wish to see these documents before giving your gift, please request them at
4. The form & identification must be completed & sent to our office within two (2) months of our response email or your purchase will become a donation to the company. 
5. If the person you give this to wishes to return the gift, a full-money back guarantee (100%.) is upheld during the two (2) month period. If more than two (2) months has passed since our response to your purchase, your gift will become a donation to the company. 
6. After we have received the completed form& identification of the intended person, a registered share certificate will be issued in their named and mailed to the address they give. 
7. If for any reason we are not able to proceed with your gift due to fault or decision on our end, 100% of your purchase will be refunded, even if it is outside of the two (2) month window. If you do not receive an email from us within 24 hours of purchase please contact us at
8. Please email us to request the complete ''Shareholder Package'' to read the full details.
9. You may purchase and register this Gift Card in your own name if you wish.

Thank you for helping to fund the build of Ceiba, a ship owned by her shareholders. 

Request our Shareholder Package, no purchase or commitment required:

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