October Newsletter: Shipyard Infographics

Our October Newsletter Inforgraphics are available in the links below in two formats: .PDF and .JPEG - try opening both if one doesn't seem to work for you. The layout we've used is great for smart phones and tablets, but be sure to zoom right in if you're using a desktop computer. 

Give us your feedback! We'll be sharing this publicly online in about two days from now: help us by letting us know if you like it, and if this format works for you. info@sailcargo.org

Thanks for your feedback, enjoy!

1. Shipyard Infographics .PDF 

2. Shipyard Infographics .JPEG



June Newsletter: Feasibility Study

officially re-issused! this Revised edition is greatly expanded - Please read again. (june 27, 2017.)

Feasibility Study Summary + Excerpts Click for PDF.