Each person on our team represents a unique skill and attitude, together resulting in a balanced portfolio. One theme uniting the all the members - including those part of our extended team - is the passion to see sailing cargo ships make a successful return to the sea.



Danielle Doggett

Sailcargo Inc. Managing Director Danielle Doggett has 14 years experience on traditional ships & specific project management skills for sail-cargo initiatives. Growing up just north of Kingston, Ontario, she began her sailing career with the St. Lawrence II, moving onto larger ships at age 16: Swan fan Makkum.

Founder of Topsail Rigging Ltd., she has focused her attention in recent years to gaining knowledge of the build stage of large scale projects. Most recently Danielle has begun to work alongside Sailmaster B.V. in the Netherlands.

Lynx Guimond

World class woodworker Lynx Guimond lives in Costa Rica; he has crafted figureheads and carvings on SørlandetEuropa, Morgenster, and many more. His pieces - such as the windlass on Tres Hombres - are unparalleled.

Originally from rural Québec, Lynx's work style resonates with those who have the pleasure of working with him. Over the past six years, Lynx has been designing and building treehouses in the Costa Rican jungle and aiding in the treetop traverses designated for biology research.

Paul DeNoble

Master Shipbuilder for Ceiba, Paul DeNoble; trained in classic wooden shipbuilding techniques, has led traditional ship builds and restorations around the world. Hailing from Kingston, Ontario, Paul has worked on every type of traditional sailing ship - from open boats to fully rigged ships such as the HMS Rose and Sweden's Göteborg . 

Previously Master Rigger and shipwright for the Tres Hombres, Paul has recently been working in Nova Scotia and Ontario building and restoring traditional wooden schooners.

Natassia Eugenie

Sailcargo inc. Project Manager . Growing up on the seacoast, an interest for remote places and sailing manifested in this Belgian remote island explorer at a young age. Natassia has been based in the maritime city of Copenhagen, Denmark, for the past years, where she began her sailing career onboard the vessels Activ and Donna Wood. These experiences led her to sail and work on tallships in Iceland, Norway and abroad, including on the Ópal – an Icelandic square-topsail schooner powered by the wind and an electric engine. More recently she has sailed, explored and lived on different remote islands in the High Arctic, where she studied polar meteorology on the Svalbard archipelago. During this time she has been working on a book project which focuses on remote islands and weather phenomena.                         Natassia’s adventurous mindset and education in fine arts will come together here for the Ceiba project where her skills of Press, management and communication will be an asset. ''

Luis Pérez

Marketing and Sales Manager for Sail Cargo Inc. Luis Pérez has 24 years of experience in the  Hospitality, Business Administration, Marketing and Sales areas. Some years ago he left the city life to retire into the mountains of the cloud forest of Monteverde, where he dedicated himself to work in the field of Specialty Coffee. All the way from transnational corporations to small cooperatives provided him a diverse business education where he played different roles as an administrator, trainer, sales executive and marketing manager. A big Cloud Forest aficionado, only shares this passion with music, art that he has been performing since childhood.                       With the sensitivity of the artist and the assertiveness of the business professional, Luis is responsible for telling the story of Sail Cargo to the world, convinced that his ideals and those of the company, will resonated in the conscience of an international community ready for a change.