Ceiba will be Costa Rica's Flagship and national pride, facilitating trade between the Americas and promoting ethical consumerism.

Currently being built in Punta Morales on Costa Rica's Pacific coast, the built will take about 3.5 years to complete. We're already working with our future clients to fill the ship with goods moving from Central America up to Canada & the US.


Frequently Asked Questions: Cargo

+ Why ship Emission Free?

For items which are already "eco-ethical", value added, niche products, this is the final broken link in the supply chain. Want to be 100% socially & environmentally responsible? Ship with fair wages and without emissions!

For example, all coffee and chocolate in Canada has a heavy carbon footprint when it comes to transportation - your product could be the first & only "emission-free" of it's kind. Good for the environment and great for making your product stand out!

+ How much can Ceiba carry?

Ceiba can carry 350 cubic meters (about 250 metric tons) - equal to 9 standard 20' containers (9 TEUs). Additional freight space is possible on deck, for more robust cargo such as large timbers.

Only counting space within the cargo hold, that would be 4.350 standard sacks of coffee.

+ What kind of cargo can your ship carry?

We can take many types of cargo - our restrictions are mainly around temperature sensitive cargo. For small amounts we may be able to arrange chilling or refregiration.

+ Where does your ship sail?

Ceiba will sail from Central America (and possibly South America) to Canada via Hawai'i, mainland USA and México. Contact us for details.

+ How much does it cost?

Our prices vary regarding how much you wish to ship, and how often. Contact us with details of your cargo and we can provide a quote within 24Hours. Compared to the most economical marine transportation we are more expensive, however we are much cheaper than trucking or air freight.

To give an example; a kilo of coffee shipped by us from Costa Rica to Canada would cost about $0.70 USD more on the shelf in the end, compared to some of the cheapest shipping methods available.

+ What is the minimum amount I can ship?

When we begin our maiden voyage with a smaller ship (hopefully winter 2017) you will be able to ship a minimum of 50kg, with some exceptions and restrictions.

Eventually, with Ceiba, the minimum may change.

+ What if I don't have an existing product or supplier?

SAILCARGO INC. can work with you to find suppliers for certain products in Costa Rica and abroad.

We may also bring up general cargo to sell to shop owners and roasters if there is interest in this service .


Contact us if you have any other questions or Just to say Hi! We look forward to hearing from you,

Sailcargo Inc.'s Team.

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