Special thanks to Bill Haber and Willow Zuchowski, local biologists/conservationists who collaborate at times with our tree identifications, have donated a stand of cypress trees (Cupressus lusitanica) to our ecological boat building project, CEIBA MARITIMA.  These trees are non-native, plantation lumber, who have grown dangerously close to the small house built on their land.  Removal is necessary, and cypress (AKA; Cedar of Goa) is also infamous for turning the soil to high acidity levels-  making it very difficult for new saplings to grow back in their place.

'Ciprés', as it is known locally, was planted decades ago in Monteverde and other mountainous regions as a windbreak. Its native range is from Mexico to Honduras.

The bigger pieces will be used for rigging elements such as yards and booms, and smaller logs will be sawn into planks for our lofting floor at the shipyard.  Posts will be used for round-log structural elements in building superstructures like workshops, bathrooms, etc. even the branches will most likely be used in rustic-style furniture making, instead of being slashed and put to waste.

Greg and Joan Paradise, Marian Howard and Steve Abbott have also been very kind in donating fallen lumber, facilitated by Pete Copelin and Richard Trostle.

We are very grateful for the valuable support of our local community, as well as international network of fellow sailors and friends who have always been willing to extend helping hands.  European cargo sailors Eric Henry, Sam Turner and Rianne De Beer have come from afar to volunteer their time helping us with sawing lumber, office work and pretty much anything we have going on.

In humble appreciation, 
Sailcargo Team.