Scroll down to see the Video, which is also available on our YouTube channel, SAILCARGO INC., 

You may have heard, if you are on our newsletter subscription list (and you should be!) that we have drone video footage of our land in Punta Morales, which will serve as our build site.

We'd like to issue a shout-out to Aerial Shutter (, who shot the lovely aerial photos that we were able to share with you guys. If you missed the newsletter, the photos are also featured in our previous blog post.

Be sure to check out minute 6:53, which shows our launch track simulation by fly-over.

We look forward to working with Aerial Shutter again in the future, and updating everyone with new shots as the build progresses.

Aerial photos are a great way to communicate the breadth of our project, and as we recently unloaded a large amount of timbre onsite, you can look forward to seeing a big difference and lots of development between shoots. Aerial Shutter does great work, and we would happily recommend them to anyone who has a vision broad enough to require a birds-eye view. As you can see, we have a variety of (fruit-bearing) trees onsite, plenty of room for agricultural development, water access, and a small existing structure that we have begun updating and re-purposing.

We have plenty of plans for this land, and we want to thank our shareholders for providing capital for us to put towards this very necessary infrastructure.

Below is the description of the video, as written on the YouTube upload:

"Welcome to Our Ship Yard! Bienvenido a Nuestro Astillero! 

You'll see the distinct smaller point, which is our entrance to the river delta. In minute 6:53, see exactly how we plan to launch the wooden ship, CEIBA. 

SAILCARGO INC. has found a build site. This video, shot by Aerial Shutter ( was taken at the lowest low tide, and shows the mud flats at the mouth of our mangrove-estuary. You'll also see the beach, Playa Blanca, a 5 minute walk away. As well there is the National University Maritime Campus (UNA) beside us. You can see a freighter moored out at the LAICA Sugar Plant at the end of the point.

For more information and photos, see the blog post immediately below this one.