Hey Friends!
We are very excited to be able to share our first newsletter with you.

Above are only snapshots of what the letter looks like. Below is a video to go along with it! You can view our video here, and to join our inclusive list to receive details and additional updates about our build project, simply contact us with your email.

This months coverage include a Market Research expedition to Guatemala, our first big acquisitions and details about our exciting next steps. For those of you who are already on our list, we sincerely hope you enjoy it! We are so happy to be able to share our progress with you.

Very warmest wishes,

Danielle & the SAILCARGO INC. Team

Video Caption: Lynx Guimond, founder and lead on wood sourcing for our ship, inspecting a naurally wind-fallen hardwood in the Cloud Forest of Monteverde. He uses the machete to see what the wood looks like underneath. We are sourcing as much lumber as possible from naturally fallen tree like this one in order to offset the amount of trees which need to be cut down. As well, our treeplanting scheme allow us to remain carbon negative. Forestry management care is a priority in how we find and secure our lumber.