"A man who works with his hands is a laborer;

a man who works with his hands & his brain is a craftsman; 

but a man who works with his hands, his brain & his heart is an Artist."

-Louis Nizer, 1902

With positive build-site and business developments, this week has been a good one. 

In the background, exciting projects are in the works as well: slowly and steadily we progress towards launching not only our Kickstarter campaign but also opening up to sell shares in Ceiba herself. 

One of the higher-tier crowdfunding items available will be an original carving for our ship Ceiba.

Crafted by Québécois Lynx Guimond - Co-Founder of this very venture & lauded woodworker responsible for the figureheads of EuropaMorgenster and Tres Hombres, etc.,  - the intricate piece of art is made of locally sourced Costa Rican Cedro.

Full of depth, this salient carving will incorporate elements key to the vision of the entire project: the ships helm to guide the project, a tree to represent regeneration and the circles of life.

his one of a kind design is a celebration not only of the ship & her build, but of the beauty of the natural world in which she will sail. 

For more information, please email us at info@sailcargo.org