Carbon Negative Marine Freight

Finca Samenea Climate SmartFarm

St. Luis Valley, Monteverde, Costa Rica

Building a wooden ship will mean cutting down trees. As we are environmentally conscious, we're starting early with mitigation efforts. By investing our energy into sustainable forestry management, our ship will have a negative net carbon value. Searching through forests to find hardwoods which have fallen naturally as well planting trees are two ways we are working hard to be green, now. 

This past weekend our little team planted over 100 'estacas'- each with their own purpose. Güitite - a resilient little tree able to thrive as a soil retainer on harsh slopes; Flor de Itabo and Madero Negra, used in Costa Rica as a living, growing fence post! These trees have multiple purposes: some have medicinal properties, others fix nitrogen, some may be used as natural pesticides, provide food and shelter for animals and birds - in turn providing fertilizer to the surrounding ground. 

We enjoyed a symbiotic relationship with the land owners: our desire to plant trees and sequester carbon were complimented by their goals. The trees are now growing on reclaimed pasture: the grassy slopes have been decommissioned as cattle grazing ground in order to allow both passive and active reforestation to take place. They intend for the trees to prevent soil degradation due to strong winds as well as to protect their water sources. 

Ever-endeavoring to find ways in which SAILCARGO INC. can be a fully regenerative company, we find ourselves looking to the future of these trees. Imagine: a wooden ship, employed to sail eco-ethical cargos across the ocean; directly funding tree-planting programs which will reserve a small percent of trees for shipbuilding purposes; the energy is intentionally brought full-circle.  Thank you to Fabricio, Karen & Kelly for working with us to get these trees planted!

Best, Danielle