This week our team brought down a number of Cypress trees ('Cedar of Goa' or 'Mexican White Cedar' Cupressus Lusitanica) . This plantation of non-native conifers was being eaten by termites, weakening them and posing a serious threat to the home and structures underneath - and the family living inside. This is one way we are able to give back to our community.

At approx. 50 years of age, we believe that this stand was planted by the American Quakers who originally founded Monteverde around that time.

Although most of the lowest portion of the trees have been destroyed by termites - you'll see the heart has rotten away - the majority of the timber is in fine condition and can be used. In fact, as mentioned in our previous blog, all the lumber from these trees has been generously donated to our project.

Out of the healthy wood we plan to make the floor of our lofting workshop, as well as shape some of Ceiba's spars. Usable off-cuts, branches and the stumps will all be used to fabricate pieces, such as tool chests, furniture, and as posts for our eventual shipyard structures. 

As led by co-founder and experienced lumberjack Lynx Guimond, the team did a spectacular job of felling this stand safely, which required communication and precision due to the close proximity of buildings. Some of the trees were also leaning precariously towards the house, which was an added challenge. (They're only about halfway done the job - keep up the good work, boys!)

As always, our treeplanting efforts remain in the foreground. We aim to begin the planting season this weekend, depending on the rains. We aim to plant many times more saplings than this stand of Cypress represents. 

If you think this type of work is something you would be good at or are interested in learning, email us about joining our team.

Enjoy the photos!

The Team
Diego, Elliot and Lynx

Photos & Words