This land will become the location for the world's first intentionally
regenerative & environmentally friendly shipyard.

Located in Punta Morales, on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica.

We have a long-term rent-to-buy contract. If you are curious to learn more about the potential to purchase this land, please email us at

The 1.4 hectare (3.4 acre) plot offers many qualities which we value in our build:

Relatively flat land, gently sloping downwards toward the water: essential for build as well as water drainage / runoff during rainy season. Because the land has been previously inspected and 'zoned' for special-purpose building, we are actually able to build our ship right at the waters edge - usually we would have to build a minimum of 150 ft away. (46m)

Good access: Right up to our little driveway is paved, straight road. Very easy to access from nearby city of Puntarenas as well as San Jose. Public bus transport goes right into Punta Morales.

Power: We should be able to have 2 phase and three phase power installed without any problems, especially as the sugar plantation is further down the road. We've spoken with ICE Power representatives and they have confirmed this.

Safety & Security: This little town doesn't have the dangers of a big city. As well there is a very good gate & fence and lights along the road. Although we aim to develop a strong relationship with our community and neighbors, it's always safer to have a locking gate when you have expensive tools. (Photo at bottom of page) 

Launch Capability: This land has both two existing water access point, as well a very short, flat road to a beach. This means we have three possibilities for launching, however we believe the most attractive is shown in the first photo of this blog.  

Open & shaded space: In Punta Morales the sun and heat are intense. Although we require open space to construct the vessel & shops, large fruit trees which are dispersed about the land offer the shade we need to stay cool. 

Initial Structure: We have one little "house" on the land, which has a working toilet and a shower. This will serve as our initial base, where we'll store some smaller tools and sleep. (Photo at bottom of page.)

Fruit Trees: A bonus, but the land has a number of fruit trees! From multiple mango trees and lemon, limes and grapefruit,  to coconut palms as well as both almond and cashew trees! (Photo of Cashew tree at bottom of page.)

Three drone shots, taken about a week ago at lowest-low tide. Our build site is the prominent small point with green at the end.

Above, Left: Note our site in the centre of the far left of the photo. Slightly to the right of it, on the top of the peninsula, lies Playa Blanca. This white sand beach is about a 5 minute walk away. Near the centre of this photo you can see some white buildings, this is the Marine Campus of the National University (UNA); at the top right of this photo you can see the LAICA sugar plantation with a deep-water freighter moored just outside of it.

bove, Centre: Our plot of land is shown in the middle of this photo. The 3,5 acres (1,4 hectares) does not include the large mass of mangrove extending into the estuary. You can see the straight, paved road and nearby amenities.

Above, Left:  Our land is shown in the centre, in the top third of this photo. All of these photos were taken at the lowest-low tide, and show what the land looks likes under the water - mud flats covering bedrock. The channel, estimated at 1m (3.2 ft), has not yet been sounded. We will check the depth soon. The tide here is about 3,4 m (12 ft.), giving us plenty of depth to launch Ceiba.

Above, Left: Entrance to the property with good gate & fence.

Above, Center: Proposed launch site over existing water entrance, shown at low tide.

Above, Right: The "house", as shaded by a cashew tree. "Buckie" the work truck can be seen in the background.

This is a very large step for our project, and we are happy to share this with you. 

Please share this post to help us spread the word about this tropical tallship build!

Warmest wishes from Costa Rica,

Danielle & the Team