Last weekend was the first edition of Make the World Great Again festival at café De Ceuvel in Amsterdam. Rianne de Beer and Erik Rauws represented Sailcargo Inc. at this festival to promote emission free transport. Make the World Great Again was organised by, a Dutch based not-for-profit organisation that provides a platform for crowd acts. A crowd act is a collective action that makes a social, ecological or economical impact. For example Sailcargo Inc. asked visitors not to consume or purchase products that have been transported by a motor vessel for one week. With this action we want to raise awareness on the illogical logistics of modern day shipping transport.

           Café De Ceuvel is a peculiar place that has more resemblance with a self-sustaining eco-village than with an actual café. The café is situated in the north of Amsterdam at a former docking harbour. Water, boats and urban ecology makes a unique set up that connects to the modern day mind-set towards a sustainable planet. De Ceuvel only sells local and organic produce, is currently building a bio-gas boat that converts organic waste in to cooking gas and frying oil in to car fuel. Good work people!

On Saturday 13th of May, Sailcargo Inc. occupied an enchanting old wooden sloop on the dry for a booth stand. At the beginning of the day there was typical cold, wet Dutch weather and a low inflow of visitors. But as soon as the first rays of sunshine came through, the resilient crowd came from everywhere and the festival was even sold out at the end of the afternoon!

          For this event we used water-based non toxic silk-screen ink to make special SAIL THE WORLD GREAT AGAIN t-shirts and underwear on demand that were exchanged on donation. Our booth got increasingly popular during the evening. Some already heard about emission free sailing, but many seemed to be surprised about the extended possibilities of Sailcargo Inc. The demography was very diverse; from young students to experienced transport businesswomen to mechanical engineers to sailors to musicians. A very inspiring crowd from all over the globe with which we had an inspiring exchange of interests.

This blog was written by Rianne de Beer.

Sailcargo Inc. would like extend a big thank you to everyone who participated and showed the initiative to make this day a success. We truly appreciate your efforts in helping people learn about our project & the idea of why we need to #SeaShippingChange.