SAILCARGO INC. Is coming to British Columbia for a promotional tour from July 23rd to August 8th! 

We will be visiting many locations while in BC - contact us if you think your community or organization would like to learn more about this project and how we're going to #SeaShippingChange in the Salish Sea!

Some of the locations we're going to visit include:
Steveston, Richmond
Cowichan Bay
Hornby Island
Denman Island
+ more!

Want to see your town on this list? Message us!

Read the press release below, which will be published in newspapers and around British Columbia. Look out for our poster around your town and help us by spreading the word!

Emission Free Sail Cargo Coming to British Columbia!

The promotional expedition is to raise awareness of their new carbon-neutral freight service between Central America and British Columbia, called the Pacific Exchange Line.

‘’Our mission is to direct the global maritime shipping industry towards carbon neutrality. To do this, we will build and operate a wooden combustion-free cargo sailing vessel called Ceiba in Costa Rica. The build will synthesize old-world ship building techniques with avant-garde energy and propulsion systems design. ‘’ (

Co-founder Lynx Guimond stated ‘’Strategic alliances and growing interest has been forming in the Pacific North-West region. British Columbia has conscious consumers, and they have expressed a need for sustainable shipping.’’

Following the environmentally damaging fuel oil spill of the Marathassa, and in light of the approved pipeline despite heavy protest, SAILCARGO INC. believes that Vancouver and British Columbia are ready for a big change. The pipeline expansion will see tankers increase from 60 to over 400 each year.

A recently solidified partnership with British Columbia’s S.C.V. Providence  (out of Steveston, Richmond) means that the Pacific Exchange Line will begin service this fall (October 2017.) Among other cargos, they intend to transport green, unroasted organic coffee beans from Costa Rica to Vancouver spring 2018.

Cargo and passengers are being actively sought for this round-trip voyage to Costa Rica, which will also call on San Francisco, Mexico and Hawai’i. Sailing vessel Providence can transport 25 tons, but the ship is filling up fast.

In the time leading up to the tour, SAILCARGO INC. encourages all parties interested in meeting to contact them: from local and national government, grassroots organizations, importers and store owners, sailors, shipbuilders to coffee or chocolate aficionados and all others who simply want to #SeaShippingChange.

‘’We’re coming to BC to meet with everyone who wants to see a healthier system, and a healthier coastline – it’s happening already, and momentum is gaining daily to support a shift towards green transportation.’’ (Danielle Doggett)
Pura Vida!

Please contact Danielle Doggett at (+506) 8625 0909 @sailcargo

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