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The Lumberjacks Apprentice

As part of our Apprenticeship Program, our volunteers are learning how to build a hanging treehouse, which will be the office for our shipyard in Punta Morales. 

In three months they will have learned everything from tool sharpening & maintenance, sourcing the material (Cypress Trees), to design and construction of this aerial timber-frame building.

The is the first phase of our educational program. Follow us for progress & updates!

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All of this plantation Cypress was cut down at the request of the homeowner, due to significant deterioration from termites. Although you can clearly see that the wood has been eaten away, only the bottom meter or two of the trunk are ruined - most of the wood is still in perfect condition.

Our team has been working diligently for weeks now to fell these trees, mill them, cut them to size and have now taken the lumber to the workshop to begin the next stage: constructing the shipyard treehouse, which will serve as our office & reception centre for the duration of our larger ship build.

This treehouse will also provide roofing for the outdoor shipyard kitchen, which will be situated below it. Our treehouse is slated to be rigged up on the shipyard by June 6th, so the countdown is on!

We look forward to keeping you updated about all of our progress at the shipyard in Punta Morales and with developments with our tallship build!

Pura Vida!

Danielle & the SAILCARGO  INC. Team 

Photo Gallery + Captions

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