Communications Lead

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Luis Pérez

Marketing and Sales Manager for Sail Cargo Inc. Luis Pérez has 24 years of experience in the Hospitality, Business Administration, Marketing and Sales areas. Some years ago he left the city life to retire into the mountains of the cloud forest of Monteverde, where he dedicated himself to work in the field of Specialty Coffee. All the way from transnational corporations to small cooperatives provided him a diverse business education where he played different roles as an administrator, trainer, sales executive and marketing manager.

A big Cloud Forest aficionado, only shares this passion with music, art that he has been performing since childhood. With the sensitivity of the artist and the assertiveness of the business professional, Luis is responsible for telling the story of SAILCARGO INC. to the world, convinced that his ideals and those of the company, will resonated in the conscience of an international community ready for a change.