Sailing Program


World Class Sail Training

Our team of internationally trained, professional square-rig sailors hail from the longest running youth sail training program in the World. Learn how to set a jib, trim the topgallant and furl the mizzen; take a hold of the shrouds and climb aloft to see tropical islands dotted against the horizon, many nautical miles away. 

Our Sail Training Program guarantees you skills, and memories, to last a lifetime.

Set the Sails

Work with your Watch Officer and deckhands learn not only how to set each sail, but also when and  why. Grasp the fundamental skills of sailing - tacking, gybing, wearing ship - and everything in between. Now, topmen aloft to loose the topsail!

Take the Helm

Take a hold of the hand-carved, purple heart helm. Steer the ship by the stars and the wind - actually. Sailing a ship like Ceiba takes concentration and skill, but once you learn how to respond to the ship, the freedom is incredibly rewarding. 

Haul on the Lines

Sail Training has long been viewed as a valuable aid to teaching teamwork skills. It's no surprise that both youth and corporate teams sign onto tallships to learn teamwork - it can take 6 people to set the simplest sail.  

Navigate to Foreign Shores

After the hands-on skills have been learned, trainees interested in furthering their knowledge of skills at sea can participate in the Navigation of the ship. Using both traditional and modern techniques, you will plot the course for the ship.