After months of preparation and dedication our team reached a major project milestone. The stem of Ceiba, the forward-most curve of the hull, was hoisted high up into the air and installed at the end of August 2019. We hope you enjoy our collection of pictures and videos.


Building Ceiba’s Stem

Raising Ceiba’s Stem


The wood used for the stem construction is the well-known shipbuilding wood Guapinol (also known as Jatobá, Latin: Hymenaea courbaril). This tropical hardwood is extremely dense, making it very heavy and robust and thus perfect for this important section of the ship. The Guapinol wood which we used was brought down in a landslide during the rainy season of last year not far away from our shipyard AstilleroVerde.

The stem came together like a large puzzle of uniquely-coloured hardwood that slotted and slid into position to make the statuesque bow of the 45m ship-to-be. The total length of the stem is 6.9m (22.6ft) and he weighs in at approximately 2 tons (2,200 pounds). Our founder and technical director Lynx Guimond summarized the plan for raising the stem perfectly in a recent interview: ''It's too heavy for the tractor to lift, so we're going to do it by hand.'' Twenty-one people took part in the hoist process and made this complicated, unprecedented challenge look easy.

Scroll from bottom to top to see Ceiba’s stem taking shape.

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