We are a freshly emerging freight company, here to make a name in the sustainable transportation market. 

Our board of 5 voting individuals is led by the Managing Director. With 3,150 shares certificates available for purchase, we look forward to having you on our team. Two tiers of available shares are voting, with a degree of control for individual shareholders, as well as one non-voting tier. For more information, click on our 'Invest' header in the top bar.   

Our focus isn't only environmental; but also on developing an innovative, assertive business model. Our strategic choice of Costa Rica as a home port comes not only because of its aim of 100% country-wide carbon neutrality by 2021, but also because it is a business-friendly nation ideally located along North + South American routes, and access to Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean. Our high-torque electric engine (powered by solar battery) will only need 120 horsepower, an efficient cost-savings.  

SAILCARGO INC. aims to make a positive mark in the world of transportation by being an effective, sustainable option. Through transporting freight with a carbon-neutral system, we offer a new way to look at the economics of shipping as fuel becomes increasingly scarce and expensive. 

Our first ship, Ceiba, will offer something unique to both exporters and importers: the opportunity to finally close the loop for their most important organic, sustainable products. Transporting products which are promoted as 'green' via container ships feels hollow.

Finnish three mast square-topsail schooner Ingrid, the vessel from which CEIBA is based.

Finnish three mast square-topsail schooner Ingrid, the vessel from which CEIBA is based.

Moving a full cargo hold brings purpose back to sailing. It’s beautiful, and you’re accomplishing something amazing.

What do you want your green shipping company to look like? Let us know.

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How 'green' can a product really be, after crude oil has been burned to move it?

Ships of the PAX Line (Pacific Exchange) will move freight with only the power of the wind. Clean, pure energy. That's sail cargo.

The Company Group

Inversiones Marítimas Ceiba S.A.


To direct the global maritime shipping industry towards carbon neutrality. We will build and operate a combustion-free cargo sailing vessel by synthesizing old-world ship building techniques with avant-garde energy and propulsion systems design. 


To create a prosperous regenerative model that meets the ecological, ethical, and economic requirements of our rapidly changing world. 


Currently selling shares in the company to fund progress. Working with the logistics agent Sailcargo Inc. to secure cargo contracts and the Astillero Punta Morales (Shipyard) to have an appropriate site on which to construct the vessel CEIBA. 


Registered in Costa Rica in 2016S



To facilitate the development of an international network of carbon neutral transportation systems, focusing mainly on the maritime shipping industry.


A future where the demands of a global supply chain are dictated by conscious and responsible consumerism, through a web of carbon neutral delivery services.


Sailcargo Inc. is an ecologically conscious cargo shipping network, informational hub and thinktank; connecting and promoting regenerative and socially conscious cargos with environmentally sustainable shipping practices.  Originally registered in Canada in 2013 to reserve the name and build the brand, a separate entity will be registered in Costa Rica in 2017. Independently funded. 


To be registered in 2018.


asociación astillero ceiba del mar / ceiba del mar' shipyard association (non-profit)


Como centro educativo, nuestra misión es de brindar una plataforma para proyectos y sistemas regenerativos, enfocado en el transporte marítima sostenible y ecológico. la construcción, operación y comercialización del Promover el consumo ético y responsable


Promoviendo un paradigma alternativa y responsable de forma educativa, visualizamos un mundo progresivo y colaborativo, alerta y consiente del cambio climático y social.


Will be a Costa Rican Non-for Profit Association, independently funded.


Registered January 2018.