The build site

Photo courtesy of  JP Monge , June 2018. SAILCARGO INC. Shipyard  Astillero Ceiba   Del Mar.

Photo courtesy of JP Monge, June 2018. SAILCARGO INC. Shipyard Astillero Ceiba Del Mar.

 We have begun the three-year process to potentially become the worlds first carbon-neutral certified shipyard; intentionally regenerative & environmentally friendly. -Located in Punta Morales, on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica.

As you may have seen on our step-by-step blog updates, the build being prepped to unfold in our shipyard, with storm-fallen lumber as well as donated lumber from private individuals.


More Information Below as well as on our blog: 

-Relatively flat land, gently sloping downwards toward the water: essential for build as well as water drainage / runoff during rainy season. Because the land has been previously inspected and 'zoned' for special-purpose building, we are actually able to build our ship right at the waters edge - usually we would have to build a minimum of 150 ft away. (46m)

-Good access: Right up to our little driveway is paved, straight road. Very easy to access from nearby city of Puntarenas as well as San Jose. Public bus transport goes right into Punta Morales.

-Power: currently 220v, The electric company has confirmed we can have access to three phase power source, when required.  Our installations are well suited for solar panels, and funding for renewable energy is available through national programs.

-Safety & Security: This little town doesn't have the dangers of a big city. As well there is a very good gate & fence and lights along the road. Although we aim to develop a strong relationship with our community and neighbors, it's always safer to have a locking gate when you have expensive tools. (Photo at bottom of page)  

-Open & shaded space: In Punta Morales the sun and heat are intense. Although we require open space to construct the vessel & shops, large fruit trees which are dispersed about the land offer the shade we need to stay cool. 

-Initial Structure: We have one little "house" on the land, which has a working toilet and a shower. This will serve as our initial base, where we'll store some smaller tools and sleep.

-Building Permits:  We have green light from the local municipality to go forward with initial operations, (cutting wood, renovating/ extending little house) while we undergo the process of getting environmental SETENA permits to launch and operate within a fragile marine environment.   


lumber being unloaded

A bonus, but the land has a number of fruit trees! (seen in back) From multiple mango trees and lemon, limes and grapefruit,  to coconut palms as well as both almond and cashew trees!


birds eye view by Aerial shutter

Launch Capability: This land has both two existing water access points, as well a very short, flat road to a beach. This means we have three possibilities for launching.

Carbon neutral shipbuilding:  By 2019 our shipyard will have an international carbon neutral certification, setting a new precedent for the shipbuilding industry.