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Scroll down to find our Shareholder Package: our complete portfolio of investor documents is now available by request. Investment opportunities start at $1,000 USD and increase by increments of $100. Significant benefits begin at $5,000.

The total cost is estimated at $3.6 Million USD. To date, 24% of our shares have been allocated. Including intended investments set for 2019, the project has 37% of shares allocated. The funding we receive will grease the wheels & launch us into the next step of our project: constructing the framing of Ceiba.

Please scroll down to see our complete Shareholder Package. To see the documents, please contact us today to request them at or simply complete the form below.

Inversiones Marítimas Ceiba S.A. is a registered Costa Rican company.

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Here you will find our portfolio of five Investors documents, as well as our full-colour Business Plan.

If you would like to receive this investor package contact us at or simply complete the form above.

1. Shareholder Membership Application Form
This is the form required to purchase shares.

2. S.P.A.R.S.
Information on our Sustainable Partners Re-investment System, an option for shareholders to consider re-investing your dividends to support small cargo producers.

3. Incentives & Benefits
Details on rewards for higher investment tiers.

4. Payment Methods 
Information on how to pay for your share.

5. Shareholders Agreement
The legal arrangement between Ceiba S.A. and our shareholders.

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