Whew! That was a good day!

Already a few days ago now, we had a tractor visit the shipyard for a few hours to help us re-stack our freshly ripped shipbuilding lumber. It may sound like a small task, but some of our single pieces easily weigh well over 500kg (1000lbs.) An arduous task to stack them all, but it makes all the difference when drying green lumber.

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Spanish Cedar Frames & Deckbeams

All the wood in these photos is Spanish Cedar, sourced sustainably just 18km (11m) away from our shipyard. For more information about the lumber we have on site, check out our cool infographic!

A trust exist between the two people, the driver & the chain worker. Lynx, kneeling on the heavy timber, will sling the chain around the wood for the driver, but it requires quick and effective communication.

The plastic you see in this photo will not be thrown out, and is already in place at the new temporary roof over the stacks. 

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Progress, progress, progress!

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All photos by Danielle Doggett