How we're making sure to stay green at COP23.

Since our cloud forest meeting with Fabián Román, (Argentinian founder and president of the reputable Plan 21), we have begun working together to develop a flagship project under the umbrella of their Carbonocero program, which consists mainly of calculating and mitigating carbon footprints. Plan 21 has developed a very simple and easy-to- use app, which can determine your carbon footprint between airports.

Did You Know?

Flying business or first class has a much larger carbon footprint than flying economy due to the extra space given to each passenger.

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SAILCARGO INC. is taking this opportunity to calculate and mitigate the flight of our co-
worker Luis Perez, who is traveling to Europe to speak on our behalf at the United Nations Conference on Climate Change, COP23.
Luis Flies to Cologne (Germany) via Zurich (Switzerland) from San Jose (Costa Rica) via Newark (USA) -and back- for a total of 1.7 tons of carbon dioxide.

In Fabiáns own words, he specifies:
“The carbon footprint for this trip is 1,7 tons of CO2. Take into account that we are only considering Emissions per individual passenger (Scope 3) "transport-related activities in vehicles not owned or controlled by the reporting entity". Many calculators include a multiplier for potential non-CO2 effects and a CO2 emission factor for pre-production of jet fuel, which implies an increase of the carbon footprint by a factor of 2, more or less. We are conservative and it is very important to be clear to communicate these results.”

SAILCARGO INC. will mitigate this trip via Community Carbon Trees, a social/environmental program that pays Costa Rican farmers a salary to take care of the trees for four years (on their own land), thereby guaranteeing (as much as possible) that the trees will live and grow. (Follow @treejenny on instagram).

The offset will cost $50.00USD, for two trees to be nurtured planted and nurtured towards maturity. -mitigating roughly 2 tons of carbon dioxide. Although any type of tree planting is highly commendable, it should be noted that if planted trees are not nurtured and cared for in the first years, only a small
percentage will survive. (many factors apply).

SAILCARGO INC. is currently recording everything from organic waste at the shipyard to
fuel consumption of the machinery used to extract the prime materials (lumber) used in the construction of Costa Ricas future flagship for sustainable shipping CEIBA; relative to the 3 year process of becoming one of the world first carbon-neutral certified shipyard. -leading the way to a carbon neutral cargo shipping certification, and solution.

Did You Know?

Carbon neutral certifications only count the carbon emitted by practices directly related to the specific company/ enterprise.

EX: Costa Rican, carbon neutral certified coffee sold in Canada does not count the carbon footprint of the transportation services contacted out by a third party, but only once it has been delivered from the port. We hope to bring attention to this, by providing full transparency regarding our efforts to calculate, or at least acknowledge, our environmental impact in every way possible.

To learn more about carbon offsetting through tree planting, COP23 or our regenerative/restorative systems, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Effortlessly plant trees by using this free online search engine ECOSIA! We do!

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