Our Premier Annual Shareholder Report

This is a notification that we have sent out our premier Annual Shareholder Report to all of our investors. If you are a stockholder who has not received this document via email, please contact us today to confirm and or update your contact information. 



SAILCARGO INC. Quarterly Report 1.18.jpg

Want it?

This 46-page, full-colour report shares every detail that we could imagine about bringing this project to life. 

While this is a free document, it is currently available only to existing shareholders and prospective investors.

We are actively seeking new investors to support all the work here at our ''Jungle Shipyard''. If you're interested, please get in touch to request a copy. 

Serious inquiries only. 

SAILCARGO INC. Quarterly Report 1.18 paolo.jpg

What's Inside

Above shows an example of one of the pages contained in the report. We've worked hard to strike a balance between professionalism and numbers while keeping the content engaging. 

The Team Page shows how many hours have been invested to date, while the next pages show projections of how we believe our team will grow for this year, 2018.

Hope you enjoy!

Thank you for your support of this ambitious build project. Our team is working hard to construct Ceiba, our wooden sailing cargo vessel. Help us by following our progress on social media!


Together, we can #SeaShippingChange.